Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Priced Android Applications Coming Within Weeks

I received an email from the Android Market earlier today containing some very pleasant and eagerly-awaited information. First, the Android Market will be expanding to many more countries in the coming weeks, with Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands leading the way in early Q1 '09 followed by other European and Asian countries. These rollouts will no doubt coincide with T-Mobile's launch of the G1 in these countries and developers will have the ability to make versions of their app available only in those markets.

Second, and more important, Google confirmed that the Android Market will start supporting priced applications starting with the US and UK in early Q1, followed by Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain as the local payment systems are set up. A lot of people have noted that the Android's Market is currently somewhat outclassed by Apple's App store, both in terms of the number and quality of the applications available. However, with the arrival of priced applications, and the profit motivator, we should finally see a competitive answer to Apple's App Store as developers start releasing apps they've been working on but were unable to easily sell.


Evgeny V said...

Hi Martin,

May be you know...
Will the non US and UK developers be able to upload paid application right after US and UK market? There are too many speculations found on android development portal regarding the developers policiy.

Thanks in advance,

Martin Drashkov said...

I don't know, but I certainly hope so. As far as I know, the payment system for the Android Market will be Google Checkout, so developers in countries were GC is available *should* be able to upload priced applications, but I guess we'll see if that actually happens.

Learn Android said...

Hi Martin,
i was browsing the android apps and saw ur app Phonalyzr with screenshots...i would like to know about the chart api that is been used in ur application..Past few days i am searching for it couldnt find any except achart engine...i really appreciate if u can fwd link or an api whr i can use charts api for my application...

I dint find any contact ,so i am leaving comment here.Hope u see it and give favorable reply...

Thank you,

pradeep said...

Hi Martin,
Would it be also possible to track text messaging history? That would go well with this app.


gunnar-mobimation said...

Still not possible to create a Google Mercant account for a Swedish company.
(Sweden not listed as a possible country during registration). This is on June 10, 2009.

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